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on Firearms, Ammunition, Holsters & More!!!

With 7 locations throughout Kansas, including Topeka, Lawrence, Leavenworth, Manhattan, Hutchinson and 2 locations in Lincoln, NE.

Capitol City Pawn Shop, Inc. is Northeast Kansas & Lincoln, Nebraska’s affordable alternative for hunting and personal defense supplies. We carry a full line of name brand, high quality shotguns, rifles, handguns, pistols, accessories, ammunition, holsters and hunting accessories at prices you can afford!

Our primary goal is to gain your trust and provide you with the highest quality guns and accessories with the courteous friendliest service possible.

Check Out Our Most Common Selection of New, Used & Collected Firearms

Our Most Common Brands:

Benelli           Ithaca                Ruger

Beretta          Jimenez Arms      Savage

Bersa            Kimber               Sig Sauer

Browning       Marlin                 Smith & Wesson

Cobra            Mossberg            Springfield

Colt              Remington           Taurus

Glock                       Rossi                  Winchester

**if you can't find the specific brand or model that your looking for in our store, or be sure to ask an associate about special ordering**

By Federal Law, All Gun Purchasers Must Pass a Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) Background Check.
**Black Powder firearms are the only exception**

Requirements for purchasing a firearm:

In Kansas:

No state permit is required to purchase a rifle, shotgun, or handgun.

Must have State issued Identification or Driverfs License

Must be a legal resident of the State of Kansas for at lest 90 days.

Must Pass Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms background check. Which may take up to (3) business days for disposition.

In Nebraska:

To purchase, receive, or sell a handgun in Nebraska, a certificate is required, unless:

The transferee is a federally licensed firearms dealer.

It is an antique handgun.

The transfer is to a law enforcement agency.

It is a temporary transfer and the transferee remains:

  • In the line of sight of the transferer or
  • Within the premises of an established shooting facility, or
  • The transfer is between a person and his or her spouse, siibling,                                    parent, child, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or grandparent.

Application for a certificate may be made in person or by mail with the sheriff or police chief of the applicant's place of residence. Background check is conducted within 2 days.

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